How can I protect my password?

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You are the only person who should know your password.

Friends and relatives, including family members, must keep their information secure so that they do not know your password.

If you are playing in a public place, be sure to log out after quitting.

To protect your passwords, you should apply the following tips to increase your information security.

- Personal information such as birthdays, phone numbers, nicknames, and identification cards all have areas that people can guess.
- It is helpful to use a mixture of special characters, numbers and upper/lower case letters.

- Ensure that the latest update is done on the anti-virus tool currently running on your computer.

- Illegal sites, such as fake websites, are a very common way of stealing information, so be careful when signing up and signing in to websites that require you to click or enter your account information.

- For suspicious emails or sites, please contact us via PUBG Support and we will inform you of the official channel.

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