Cannot connect to the server issues

When there are server maintenances, it is not possible to connect. 

Please check our official community channels on any news or notices about server maintenances. 

If that is not the case, please check the following for other solutions:

1) How to improve network settings  [Public network]  

If the network you are using is a router, splitter, Wi-Fi, mobile phone tethering, etc.,  you may experience these problems.    

If you are using a router, we recommend updating the firmware to the latest version.  

Some routers may be able to play the game smoothly after setting up the DMZ.  

Please check if DMZ setting improves the gameplay.    

In addition, the issue may be improved by the updating the LAN card driver.  

 - Select Control Panel -> Device Manager   

[If Device Manager is not visible, change the View Criteria to Large Icon, Small Icon, or Classic View]   

- Select the network adapter in Device Manager and check the network card name   

- Double-click the network card name  

- Select driver tab and check driver date   

- If the driver is not the latest version, visit the network driver manufacturer's website and update the driver      


[Windows Firewall]  
Windows Firewall may cause problems blocking the game.  

Click Control Panel -> Select Windows Firewall -> Restore Defaults to restore the default values.  


[Security program]  
Security programs such as antivirus programs installed on the PC may interfere with smooth gameplay.  Make sure that the game is set as an exception on the antivirus exception list.


Malware and other infectious programs may also delay network speeds.  Make sure to clean up the PC so that it is running its best.

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