tslgame.exe application error

Please go to services.msi and manually start BattlEye. To do that follow the steps below.

  • Open the Start Menu and go to "Find" and type in "services.msc" (if you have Windows10 just start typing)(( No quotes)) and press Enter to launch the program.
  • This will list out all the services intalled in your system Now scroll down until you see "BattlEye Services"
  • Select BattlEye Services and Press "Start this Service".
  • To check to make sure it is running open up Task Manager and Check the Processes. You should see it running!

If the issue persists you can try deleting the BattlEye folder:

  • Please close the game all the way out.
  • Then, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Win64\BattlEye and delete the BattlEye folder.
  • Verify the integrity of the game files through Steam.
  • Try relaunching the game
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