Parachute System


  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] puts you into a dive at full speed straight down towards the ground.
  • Turning speed is now much faster and has increased control, responsiveness, and precision.


  • Holding SPRINT [Default SHIFT] helps you drop faster and land quicker.
  • Holding WALK [Default LCTRL] lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance.
    You can cut the parachute while relatively close to the ground, while still moving through the air.
  • It allows you to strategically get to your drop point faster, though you can take damage if you drop too far.

  • The speed in which you land matters, as landing too fast may force your character to roll, or roll for longer, before you can gain full control of your movement.
  • Colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting automatically cuts your parachute. Be careful!


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