The game isn't going past the loading screen

This may be caused by temporary memory overload or insufficient hard disk capacity.   

1) Memory overload resolution   

- Virtual memory settings   

Right click My Computer -> Select Properties   

On the left menu, select System Settings   

Select the Settings button in the Performance area of ​​the Advanced tab   

On the Advanced tab of the Performance Options, select the Change Virtual Memory button  Recommended Virtual Memory Settings in Windows   

- Rerun after PC reboot   


2) Secure hard disk capacity   

- The recommended hard disk space on Battleground is over 30GB.   

- If the capacity of the battleground driver is less than 10 ~ 20GB, you can organize unnecessary programs   

We recommend installing it in another driver.   


3) When all 1 ~ 2 methods are impossible, please refer to the following and attach specifications and ask for PUBG Support.   

Windows + R -> Search dxdiag -> Save all information -> Save dxdiag file on desktop -> Attach and submit a ticket

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