How are the different firearms used?

  Assault rifle (AR)
  - A favorable gun in the middle street battle. 5.56mm and 7.65mm are mainly used.
 Close shotgun (SG)
  - A good gun in seconds near battle.
 Pistol (HG)
  - It is a gun that can be used in an emergency when the weapon's bullet is exhausted, or it can suppress the shotgun and the assault rifle sometimes.
 Sniper rifle (SR)
  - A favorable gun in ranged combat.
  - A lot of scope accessories are affected.
  - It is advantageous gun in medium ~ middle distance.
  - It is difficult to use in long distance combat.
 Crossbow (BOW)
  - It is a weapon that can inflict powerful damage when an enemy can not find me.
  - There is almost no noise.
 Machine gun (LMG)
  - It is a weapon that can be acquired only from the air supply.
  - Depending on your preference, you can use it on every street.

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