What are attachments? What do they do?

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Attachments alter the performance of your weapons in numerous ways, such as making it easier to engage targets at longer ranges, or expanding ammo capacity, or improving recoil control and weapon stability. 

Recently we have added an auto attachment feature that automatically equips your weapon with the attachments you pick up. 

You can choose from 3 types of auto attachment options. You can activate/deactivate each of them from the 'Settings - Gameplay' tab. 

1. Auto equips when you pick up an attachment with the F key.

When you pick up an attachment by pressing the interaction key (F), the attachment is automatically equipped to your weapon. 

2. Auto attach when you switch to a new weapon

When you switch your weapon with a new weapon on the ground, all the attachments equipped to the old weapon will automatically move to the new one. 

Only attachments compatible with the new weapon will be attached and the rest will go into your inventory. 

3. Auto equip when you pick up attachments with the inventory open

When you get an attachment while the inventory is open, the attachment will automatically be equipped to your weapon.

When you get an attachment for a slot that is already being used, the attachment will go into your inventory.

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