What are attachments? What do they do?

You can attach various attachments onto your weapons.

 [Muzzle mods] 
  1) Flash hider 
     - Eliminates muzzle flash and slightly reduces horizontal/vertical recoil
  2) Suppressor
     - Reduces firing sound, bullet echo, and muzzle flash for Automatic Rifles
  3) Compensator
     - Slightly reduces horizontal recoil and reduces vertical recoil

  1) Quick draw magazine
    - Quicker reload speed
  2) Extended magazine
    - Adds more ammunition
  3) Extended quick draw magazine
    - Has both of the above abilities

    - Allows easier control of recoil.

  1) Red dot and holographic sight, 2x, 4x, 8x, 15x scopes
   (Depending on the scope's magnification, you can get a bigger fine sight view)

[Ammunition belt and choke]
  1) Shotgun exclusive attachments. Reduces the range of the ammunition being spread and increased reload speed

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