Any changes on weapons after the 1.0 update?

• Weapon balance
o  SR series
• Shooting speed decreased for SKS and Mini14
• Damage increase for Kar98k and M24. Reduced damage for AWM
• Bullet drop has increased for M24
• Bullet drop had increaed for Kar98k
o  Win94
• In order to make the aiming easier, a red dot has been added to Win94's sights.
• Screen crops in more during ADS mode and holding breath for Win94.
• Recoil increase.
o  Attachments
• Added a mark on the cross of the 15x scope in order for the player to calculate the zero distance
• Added a cross on 4x scope for SR and SMG weapons which use 5.56mm and 7.62mm bullets 
• Variable zoom feature added on 8x and 15x scope (control with mouse wheel)
• By using the mouse wheel, players can now control the brightness of the red dot sight and hologram scope 
• Cannot attach 8x scopes or higher on M16A4
• Added a blurry effect on the sides of the scope
o  Increase in moving speed when equipped with DMR series weapons(SKS, Mk14, Mini 14) (Same speed as having AR equipped)
o  Recoil range has been reduced when firing Mk14
o  Camera shake reduced when shooting Vector

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