Any new guns in the 1.0 update?

Changes on existing weapons:
Firing speeds have been reduced on SKS and Mini14.
Increased the running speed when equipped with DMR series weapons(SKS, Mk14, Mini 14) 
(same as when equipped with AR)

New guns:
DP-28: Spawned all over Erangel. Has a rounded magazine which can hold 47 7.62mm ammunition. Possible to attach from 0x to 4x scopes
Shooting speeds are slow but has a long distance range with high damages

AUG A3: Only acquirable from air drops. It's a Bull-pup assault rifle that uses 5.56mm bullets. Can load up to 30 bullets and 40 when extended.  
Bullet and shooting speeds are fast with low vertical recoil.

R45: Miramar exclusive, world spawning weapon. Uses 11.43mm bullets and can load up to 6. 
Can attach red dot sight. Accuracy rates are high and has a faster reloading speed compared to the R1895

Win94 : Miramar exclusive, world spawning weapon. A Lever action rifle that uses 11.43mm bullets and can load up to 8. Only ammunition belt can be attached. Moderate distance range, slow reloading speed and high damage. Ideal for expert users. 

Sawed-Off: Miramar exclusive, world spawning weapon. 12 gauge bullets are used and can load up to 2. No attachments provided. 
Short distance effective range, spreads widely, lower damage compared to the existing one and shoots 2 in a row.

R1895 cannot be acquired in Miramar.
Kar98k is no longer provided in the air drop crate. (The world spawning numbers remain the same)

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