Any changes in vehicles after the 1.0 update?

1. Added 3 new vehicles
 1) Van: Miramar exclusive 6 seater van. Low top speed but the most durable vehicle in PUBG, yet!
 2) Pickup: Miramar exclusive 4 seater off-road vehicle. Designed to travel around the rocky grounds of the Miramar. 

 3) Aquarail:  A 2 seater jet ski. The pillion can shoot during their ride.  

2. Some balance changes

 1) The driving characteristics are now more realistic
 2) Improved the vehicle and passengers' animation
 3) Everyone in the vehicle, except for the driver can now used bandages and boost items
 4) Reduced UAZ's scale and changed it to a 4 seater

Also, motorcycles and buggies with different skins applied can be found in Miramar. 

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