I bought a crate/key but I did not receive it

Submit a ticket to our support channel here

Fill out all relevant information and select the issue category: Others -> Purchase/Refunds

Please provide the correct information with the following format for faster processing:


- Title : [Missing Purchase] 


- Ticket Description Format

1) Name of item/s and amount:

2) Date of purchase:

3) Purchase Transaction ID (Please fill it out as a text):

4) Purchase history screen shot attached (Steam ID needs to be included like the format shown below)


■ How to check transaction ID

  1. A) Steam Support > Purchases > Last Six Months of Purchases
  2. B) Select the failed purchase > Check purchase receipt
  3. C) Copy the Transaction ID and paste above


■ How to get purchase history screen shot

Steam > Steam ID Click > Account Details > View Purchase History


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