Event Mode: War

War is a game mode in BATTLEGROUNDS, it's a death-match type game mode that allows respawning. As soon as you jump into the game, the safe area (White Zone) will immediately be set; if you die you will be respawned at certain time intervals. 

The goal is to obtain 80 points and the default is a 4 player squad.
The match ends if an individual or a team gets to the target score first or if time runs out. BP rewards will be given out when the match ends.

The ranking will be determined based on scores earned.

  • DBNO: + 1 point
  • Revive: + 1 point
  • Team Kill or Team DBNO: -5 point
  • Kill: + 3 points

Respawn method: player reenters the match area via respawning airplane.
Default respawn interval: 60 seconds
Main weapon setting for default respawn: SMG provided as the main weapon for close quarter battles.

The care package aircraft will fly over every 60 seconds. The composition of the airdrop is the same as in the regular game.

Safe Zone:
By default, the safe zone is static. This (and many other settings) can be tweaked in custom games.

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