Tell me more about the Sanhok event pass?

Q. What is the event pass?

The event pass was introduced with the PC 1.0 update #15.

Through game play and missions, you will be able to gain experience and level up.

Every level that is unlocked, there are special rewards, items, outfits waiting. Some are kept permanently and some can only be used for a limited time.


Q. How long does the event pass last?

June 22nd ~ July 22nd 5pm PDT


Q. How do I use the event pass?

The event pass rewards and missions are only achievable during the event time.

You can check for more details on this through the game’s notices.


Q. How do I gain exp. For the event pass?

You can gain exp. by accomplishing event missions and by playing matches.

Exp. from matches are given 1 exp. per 2.5 mins or for a maximum of 120 exp. per day.

If you are holding the event pass you will gain 2 exp. per 2.5 mins or for a maximum of 120 exp. per day.


Q. Where do I get the event pass?

You can purchase the event pass through the lobby screen in the game or on our official homepage.


Q. Is the event pass required?

It is not required to have the event pass to enjoy Sanhok.

We also provide rewards for those who decide not to purchase the event pass.

However, there are much better rewards provided by purchasing the event pass including items that are permanent.


Q. Does the event pass last forever?

The event pass will only be active during the event period.


Q. Can I keep the items I get from the event forever?

If you have not purchased the event pass then the items that you receive are only available to use for a limited time.

If you obtain the event pass, you will be able to gain more items that include ones that are permanent.


Q. What is the level 5 ticket?

If this ticket is purchased you will automatically reach level 5 instantly.

If you want to add another 5 levels, you can purchase another ticket.


For more details on the Sanhok and the Event pass, please check out our guide here.

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