What kind of FIX PUBG improvements are there?

During the FIX PUBG campaign we will focus on client issues, server issues, anti-cheat improvements, matchmaking improvements, bug fixes and game stabilization. 


Details on our process and what kinds of issues we are working on can be found below.



Q. How will anti-cheat be improved?


We are working on the following improvements for our anti-cheat solutions.

- Blocking the various methods that hackers are using and to implement better defensive measures so that hackers cannot get into the logic of the game. 

- If users who have been reported for using illegal programs, teaming, inappropriate nicknames, etc. are verified and banned, we will introduce a way for reporters to see those results. 

- Work with legal authorities to take out cheat/hack developers at the source of development

- Implement a policy to obtain hardware specifications of cheaters to make it difficult for them to access the game.


Q. How will matchmaking improve? 


We want to create a faster and smarter way of matchmaking to happen. 

This will take into factor pings, distances, languages, etc. 

However, it isn't an easy task but we are going to continuously improve, discuss and fix this to get it just right.


Q. How will the client be improved? 


Client performance

We have been working on improving the average FPS that players are experiences but there are sudden drop of FPS that we are seeing as well. 

We will focus on improving this aspect so that the overall performance increases.


Level, effect, character optimizations

The level improvements will deal with how the map is loaded when players are moving around. 

Improvements on effects in the game such as explosions, smoke effects, etc. will greatly help with the game running smoothly.


Q. What server improvements are there? 


Server tick improvements and desyncing issues.

We are working on fixing issues where players are in close proximity of each other, picking up items, and start game issues. 


These are just a few of the fixes that we will be working on within the next few months. 

However, this is just the start and we hope to make vast improvements in the game to make it a much more fun gaming experience for all.

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