What is FIX PUBG?

FIX PUBG is a new campaign that was started to focus on providing a better gaming experience for all players. 


Q. What is FIX PUBG?

FIX PUBG will focus on fixing and improving all bugs, issues, and performance problems within the game and to keep our players updated on the process. 


We will continuously update the FIX PUBG page to provide more details on our journey and to give as much transparency on our improvements and fixes to the game.


Q. How long is the FIX PUBG process? 


In our first FIX PUBG campaign we have outlined the next three months. During that time we will constantly keep the page update on our progress and keep a close eye on feedback from players as well so that we provide the best improvements into the game. 


Even after this campaign, we will continue to extend or develop it more so that we can continuous implement more transparent fixes to the game.


Q. Where can I check the progress of FIX PUBG improvements?


We will provide all updates and information on fixes on our FIX PUBG site. 

Please keep up with our progress below.



We hope to develop and grow the game alongside our players.

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