Beta Season 2 Survival Title System


Ranked System to Title System
The new system is based on personal growth, instead of having your placement being decided based on competition with others.
The existing Rank Point (RP) of Beta Season 1 will be changed to Survival Points (SP). Players will begin with 1 SP. If you collected RP from Beta Season 1, your RP will be soft reset and a portion of your results from the previous season will be applied as SP.

For Beta Season 2, you will receive rewards based on the highest Title achieved during the season regardless of Mode or Perspective (FPP/TPP). Those rewards will be given out at the start of the following Season.


Novice through Survivor Titles will receive rewards as their milestones are achieved. You can check your status, which can be checked in the Title information on the “SEASON – OVERVIEW” page of the game lobby. Lone Survivors will receive the same rewards as Survivors and will only retain the Lone Survivor Title while within the top 1000.

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