Survival Title System Season 3

■ Start date of Survival Title System Season 3
- Survival Title System Season 3 was launched on Mar 27 (PDT) in Update #27

■ Improved Survival Point (SP) Balance
- We have re-balanced the rate in which players gain Survival Points (SP) and it will now be easier to rank up, compared to Season 2
- Survival Points (SP) earned during Beta Season 2 will be soft reset, meaning players don’t have to start completely from scratch

■ New Rewards System
- Every promotion to a new title will grant players yellow coupons which can be used to unlock items in the coupon store
- These coupons can be used in conjunction with coupons received from Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card
- Use the Title reward button to claim rewards

■ Additional Changes
- Players can view the rewards for each Title on the Season page
- Stats will be updated and reflected after a match has ended, not immediately when you die or exit the match early
- Survival Title rank icons have been changed to roman numerals (V, IV, III, II, I)


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