Survivor Title System Season 5

Survivor Title System Season 5 was opened on October 23, 2019 (PDT) in Update 5.1 with a few changes to the Survivor Points(SP) system.
It will run for 12 weeks in total till January 21, 2020 (02:00 AM PDT).

Rewards for Survivor Title System Season 4 were be granted at the beginning of Season 5.
SP will be soft-reset, with your performance in Season 4 counting towards your starting SP in Season 5.

[Survival Point rebalance]:
- Beginner (1 point) - Expert (5000 points)
: To enable players to climb titles easier, we have increased the amount of SP gained each match.
: In this SP bracket, players are not able to lose points, just like previous season.
- Survivor (Over 6000 points)
: For players of Survivor rank, considering both kills and placement, if placing in the bottom 30% overall in a match, some SP will be lost.
: SP cannot be lowered below 6000.


* After observing the previous system, we’ve found that players can achieve Lone Survivor rank by simply playing many matches, even with poor results.
Therefore, from Season 5, we have introduced a system where Survivor or higher ranked players will have SP deducted in each match they perform poorly.
We hope that this new system will better represent Survivor and Lone Survivor ranks as accomplished titles for players who work so hard to achieve them.




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