PGC 2019 - Pick'em Challenge

Pick'em Challenge is a voting event dedicated to the PUBG Global Championship 2019. Guess which team will be the champion of PGC 2019 and if your pick wins it all, you take home some champion level loot.

- Voting period: After the completion of the server maintenance on 6 Nov. 2019 - 23 Nov. 2019 11am KST
- Rewards will be given on Dec. 4, 2019 (to be consecutively provided within 1 day)
- Rewards: PGC 2019 Weapon Skin – SCAR-L, AKM, Kar98k, Mini14 and Pan.

1. Voting

Q. How do I get the team selection coupon?
A. When you purchase any one of the six PGC items (PGC 2019 Bundle, PGC 2019 Clothing Set, PGC 2019 Combat Set, PGC 2019 M416 Skin Crate, PGC 2019 Dacia Skin Crate and PGC 2019 Emote Crate), you will be given one team selection coupon.

Only 1 coupon is earned per purchase.

You can also win one team selection coupon free of charge by playing the game and meeting the criteria below.

Q. How do I get the team selection coupon for free?
A. Finish top 10 in any Public Match (regardless of map or mode) during the event period and earn one free team selection coupon. You can only earn one free team selection coupon for the duration of the event.

Q. Where do I vote?
A. You can vote in the Pick’Em Challenge tab under the PGC 2019 tab in the in-game lobby.

Q. How do I know if I have the team selection coupon?
A. When you select the Pick’Em Challenge under the PGC 2019 tab, the team selection coupon you currently have will be indicated in the lower-left corner.

Q. What happens if I get a refund for the purchased item after I vote?
A. If a player refunds an item and then purchases a different item, their votes will remain eligible as long as they do not cast the additional vote from their new purchase, which would bring the total number of votes above their final purchased and earned amount.

For example, if you have two coupons in total, one earned from a top 10 victory and the other from buying a PGC item, and then refund that item, you will have only one eligible vote.
If you’d already cast both votes in this situation, the number of eligible entries (1 coupon) and the number of cast votes (2 votes) do not match, so no items will be rewarded, even if you win.
However, if you purchase one additional PGC item within the period to bring your number of eligible entries (2 coupons) back up to the number of votes you cast (2 votes), you will still earn the rewards if you win.
Casting a vote with the newly purchased PGC item coupon would however bring your account back out of sync with how many eligible entries you have, nullifying your eligibility for rewards once again. So if you do refund an item after you’ve used its coupon to cast a vote, make sure you do not use the coupon from the replacement item.

2. Rewards

Q. What skins do I get as a reward?
A. If you successfully predict the champion, you win all 5 PGC weapon skin sets (for AKM, SCAR-L, Mini14, Kar98k and Pan).

Q. When do I get the rewards?
A. The rewards will be provided consecutively within no more than 1 day from 11 a.m. of Dec. 4, 2019 (KST). If there is any problem receiving your rewards, please contact PUBG Support and submit a ticket by entering your in-game nickname and inquiry.

Q. Is the PGC 2019 Weapon Skin set (Rewards for successfully picking PGC champion) marketable in Steam Community Market?
A. PGC 2019 Weapon Skin set (event reward items) are not marketable in the Steam Community Market at any time.

3. Event

Q. Are purchased PGC 2019 items marketable in the Steam Community Market?
A. PGC 2019 Bundle, PGC 2019 Clothing Set, PGC 2019 Combat Set, PGC 2019 M416 Skin Crate, and PGC 2019 Dacia Skin Crate are marketable starting from December 17 6PM PST in the Steam Community Market. The PGC 2019 Emote will remain unmarketable.

Q. How long will I see the PGC 2019 tab in-game on PC?
A. The PGC 2019 tab in the in-game lobby will be shown until 11 am KST on December 11, 2019.

Q. Where can I see the information on which teams are competing at PGC 2019?
A. You can find information about the teams, their players, real-time standings, etc. from the PGC 2019 tab in the PC in-game lobby. For more detailed statistics, please visit PUBG STATS HUB.

Q. How will the proceeds from PGC 2019 item sales be distributed to the teams?
A. 25% of the proceeds from PGC 2019 items sales will be added to the total prize pool, and an additional 25% of the proceeds will be distributed to the participating teams according to their percentages of the Pick’Em Challenge votes as part of the team support fund.

Q. Will there be Pick’Em Challenge for both PC and console?
A. Pick’Em Challenge will be carried out only on PC, and a separate PGC event will be carried out for the console players, allowing them the chance to receive the same rewards. For more information on the console event, please click HERE.

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