[Service Termination] PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on MY.GAMES

Hello Survivors! From January 2022 fans will no longer be able to play PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on MY.GAMES. However, you can still enjoy the game and continue your progress on Steam. You will need to transfer your data by 31 December 2021.

Here is how:

  • Log-in to MGAMES and run PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS
  • In the game lobby, you will see a pop up form regarding the data transfer from MY.GAMES to Steam
  • If you agree to the transfer, two different codes will be issued
  • Make a note of your MGAMES transfer code and PUBG Steam base game redeem code
  • Please be aware that those two codes will expire once the data transfer period ends on 31 December 2021
  • Log into Steam (or create an account and log-in if you do not have one)
  • If using a new Steam account, MGAMES data will automatically be transferred
  • If using an existing account (with previous PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS play/purchase record) then existing Steam play data will be deleted/overwritten with the GAMES data
  • Add PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to your Steam Library using PUBG base game redeem code (If your Steam account already owns PUBG, you won't be able to use the PUBG Steam base game redeem code)
  • Run PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on Steam and go to the in-game store, click on the ‘transfer’ button at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Then enter the MGAMES transfer code and follow the instructions
  • Once the transfer begins, you won’t be able to run PUBG with your MY.GAMES account
  • Please be aware that once the transfer begins, you can’t change the account or request another transfer to the same Steam account
  • The time it takes to complete the transfer depends on the amount of data
  • During the transfer, you can’t log-in to either MY.GAMES or Steam
  • Once the transfer is complete, you can log into PUBG:BATTLEGROUNDS on Steam and will find your previous data
  • If you encounter any errors during the transfer process, please contact us through https://support.pubg.com/hc/ru by submitting a ticket.


  1. If you have purchased G-coin on the MY.GAMES webshop, you must redeem the codes before you apply for a transfer

  2. The MY.GAMES in-game store will be closed on 1 December, but you can spend your G-coin in Steam after the transfer
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