Additional Survey Participation Reward

For those players who participate in our additional survey, we are planning to give a small reward(200 G-Coin) as a token of our appreciation through a lottery.
- How to Participate: When the ticket is closed, the link of additional survey will be sent and when submitting your answer, you will be automatically participated
- Event Period: 2022.04.11(Mon) to 05.08(Sun)
- Target: 1,000 random accounts who participated in the survey
- Reward: 200 G-Coin per account
- Reward Period: Between 05.09(Mon) to 13(Fri)
- The reward will be credited directly on the account
- 'Additional Survey' must be taken for the participation in this event
- Even if you participate twice, it will be counted as one participation.
- If the account information is incorrect, the reward won't be credited
- If the account information is changed after the time of participation, the reward won't be credited
- The G-Coin can only be used within 7 days
- The reward won't be credited on those accounts banned
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