[Patch Note #10.1] New Map: Haven

Seasonal Match
Haven is a Seasonal Map only available for the duration of Season 10.

• Haven is only available during Season 10.
• TPP & FPP.
• 32 players each match.
• No normal bots in the map acting as players, or included in the player count.
• Duo Mode only, including 1-Man Duo.
• Match length is shorter than other maps. You'll earn around 70% of the BP compared to a full-length match on another map.
• You can work towards Mastery, Survivor Pass and BattleStat progress in Haven but your stats aren't recorded in the Career tab.

The Districts of Haven

Carbon Steelworks: At the center of Haven, we find a massive mill- the Carbon Steelworks Complex. Explore it's fiery depths to secure precious loot, or use your parkour skills to explore the rooftop! This location offers gunplay at all ranges, but be sure to check those dark corners!

Coal Yards: An industrial wasteland: traverse material piles, climb cranes, and make sure you aren't too noticeable under the florescent lights. The Coal Yards are a sniper's paradise!

Industrial Zone: To the North, players will explore the Industrial Zone. Comprised of factories, chemical manufacturers, and storage facilities, players must navigate long range encounters in the field, and brutal closed quarter combat indoors.

Residential Zone: Explore the heart of Haven- the Residential Zone. Fight to the very top of our high-rise apartments, and use the tactical parachute to float down to the crowded streets below, and be careful- the Pillar Tactical patrols Main Street!

• Overpass: Running through the center of Haven, the Overpass serves 2 functions. If you go under- you are shielded from the Scout Helicopter, but will encounter other players. If over- you are most likely alone, but a sitting target for the Scout! Choose wisely!

Docks: To the West, the well-lit docks provide generous cover, and traversal opportunities for players to take advantage of! And players who don't mind a high risk/reward gameplay can use the old barges as a shortcut!

Pillar Guards and Commanders

• Beware of the Pillar, an enemy faction offering an entirely new gameplay element not seen in existing Battlegrounds. Guards and Commanders are distinct looking opposition which protect certain areas of the map, working as an additional factor you have to contend with while fighting against other players to claim the Chicken Dinner.
• Members of Pillar protect their respective areas and attack players on sight.
• Pillar Guards hold basic equipment while Pillar Commanders hold top-tier equipment.
• Once attacked, they send backup requests to Pillar Scout Helicopters which can then in turn alert the Pillar Tactical.
• Spawns only in Haven.

Pillar Supply Cache

• The Pillar Supply Cache replaces Care Packages, and require cache keys to be looted.
• Players can gain cache keys from defeating Pillar Commanders.
• Once the cache is opened, all players can approach the cache and loot it.
• Spawns only in Haven.

Pillar Scout Helicopter

• This helicopter roams the skies of Haven, detecting players hiding in open spaces.
• A spotlight is shone directly on detected players and their position is relayed directly to Pillar Tactical. Pillar Tactical then move out towards the highlighted players to launch their assault.
• Spawns only in Haven.

Pillar Tactical

• This scary piece of equipment roams around Haven and attacks players on sight. The Pillar Tactical cannot be destroyed, so if you run into one, don't try to fight it – just run away! This big beast even shoots fire bombs to attack players hiding behind cover in front of it.
• Pillar Tactical communicates with other members of Pillar, responding to calls for backup and joining in engagements.
• Spawns only in Haven.

Emergency Parachute

• Emergency Parachutes can be found around Haven and used to quickly descend from high places and prevent fall damage. Don't forget to deploy the parachute when making that daring rooftop escape, because they won't deploy by themselves.
• This is a single-use item which fills the belt slot of your inventory.
• Spawns only in Haven.

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