[Patch Note #10.1] Season 10 Ranked Mode


Ranked Mode Updates
• The method used to calculate RP changes for Ranked matches has been reworked to improve the player experience and reduce fatigue.
• The overall pace of gaining/losing RP has been greatly increased to reduce grind and based on performance compared to the player's current Rank.
• Players should now be able to more accurately predict how many games they would need to win or lose in a row in order to reach a given Rank.

Additional Team Kill Penalties
• Team killing in ranked will now also result in a matchmaking delay penalty.

Added Erangel Ferry
• The Erangel Ferry currently in Normal matches will be added to Ranked and Esports modes.

Ranked Season 10 Rewards
The following rewards will be available based on the players' rank at the end of Ranked Season 10.
• Emblems

• Season 10 Ranked Mirado
• Season 10 Ranked Parachute


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