[Patch Note #9.2] New Feature: Team Finder


You can now look for a team to play with using the Team Finder function.
• If you're not in a team, you can toggle team finder to let friends or other players know you are looking for a team.
• You will then be listed on the team finder player list, waiting to be invited by a searching player.
• If you are already in a team or want to create your own team, you can invite players from the team finder list.

• Team Finder will automatically be set based on your selected game mode, perspective and language settings.
• The mic setting is automatically determined after checking whether you have a functioning mic connected.
• Ensure voice input is enabled and not muted.
• PUBG must also be granted with access to your mic.
• Team Finder search and discovery are based on your local region
• Players with same game mode/perspective settings will be shown on the Team Finder list
• When using Team Finder for Ranked Matches, only players in similar tiers will be shown.

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