[Patch Note #10.2] Ranked Mode Update


We've updated Ranked Mode penalties to allow for a certain amount of safe time if your team never fully formed. Check out all the details around the system and how it works below.

Leaver penalties should be waived for players who are still ALIVE and leave within 5 minutes after the plane takes off if the player:

  • (1) chooses for matchmaking to find them teammates AND
  • (2) the plane takes off with an incomplete team (team of less than 4 players in Ranked squad mode), AND
  • (3) a member of the player's premade team hasn't left the match before the plane leaves.

If a player qualifies to have their leaver penalty waived by leaving the match, then the match is considered to be competitively invalid for that player. This means:

  • No stats are recorded on their Career page
  • No change is made to their RP
  • No matchmaking penalties are issued
  • Players will be granted any Pass XP and BP they would have earned as normal.
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