If an account was hacked/scammed and then illegal programs were used, will the account get banned?

Even if illegal programs are used by third parties (family, friends, scammers, hackers, etc.), the account will still be banned. The ban is for the account violating the terms and services and not the user.

Also note that sharing account information with others is also a violation of the terms and services and is another reason that an account can be banned.

Make sure to include the Mobile Steam Guard option from Steam to protect your valuable personal and gaming information.

☞ Steam Guard mobile authentication setup method shortcut

If the account has been hacked/scammed, we will not be able to assist in those cases.
The account owner needs to be responsibile to keep their own account safe.

Please note that your password should never be given to anyone or inputted in any sites (this is the fastest way to lose your account).
BATTLEGROUNDS will never ask for your password.

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