[Patch Note #10.2] New Feature: Reputation System

This system will assign you a Reputation Level from 0-5 depending on how you treat your fellow players. Your Reputation Level will be displayed in the Team Finder, giving players searching for a group an idea of what kind of teammate you’ll be. Your Reputation Level will naturally increase as you play games, as long as you are not exhibiting toxic or otherwise disruptive behavior.


  • Reputation level will be displayed in the Team Finder and team member list next to player's names.
  • Reputation levels are indicative of perceived player behavior. Are you friendly, or are you toxic? Let's hope the former.
  • Reputation levels range from 0 to 5, for a total of 6 levels.


8.pngReputation level is affected by the following factors:

  • Players reputation level will naturally increase with normal gameplay of Normal/Ranked Battleroyale matches.
  • Leaving a match repeatedly failing to return may lead to decrease of reputation level.
  • Player's reputation level can be decreased when reported for negative behavior (obstructing gameplay, verbal abuse, team killing, etc.) or when banned due to violation of terms of service.
  • Being reported for suspected use of cheats itself does not affect reputation level.
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