Is there anything we should be aware of when trading in the marketplace?

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You can exchange / trade most apparel items or crates through the marketplace.

However, in certain cases there is a trade restriction time where you may not be able to trade items.

When using the marketplace, it is not possible to use the following reasons.
[Restrictions on transactions and marketplaces]
1) If you cancel a transaction you have already accepted in the delay period, the transaction will be restricted for 7 days.
2) It is not possible to use an account in a market where transactions are limited due to steaming abuse.
3) If you do not use Steam Mobile Authenticator, delete new computer or cookies
    If you connect to Steam, you will not be able to use the transaction and marketplace for 7 days based on the time of certification.
4) After 7 days of using Steam Mobile Authenticator, delete the new computer or cookies
    Even if you connect to steam, you can use market transactions and transactions normally.
5) If you do not use the Steam Mobile Authenticator, you will not be able to use the transaction and marketplace.
Steam mobile authenticator must be set up for 15 days before transaction and market access.
6) If you remove or disable Steam email authenticator and use it again,
    Market is not available.
7) Accounts that have initialized passwords will be limited to marketplaces and transactions for 7 days.
Changing your password will not affect your marketplace and transaction usage restrictions.
8) Accounts that have not been connected for two months will be limited to transactions and marketplaces for 30 days.
9) If you add the Steam Mobile Authenticator and trade items within 7 days, the transaction will be delayed for up to 15 days.
10) If you remove Steam Mobile Authenticator, you will be restricted from trading and market access for 15 days.
11) If you add a new steam payment method, you can use marketplace and transaction after 5 days.
     If you have a separate credit card authorization, you can use the marketplace and transactions before 5 days.
12) Between 30 days and 1 year ago, you can use the market place with steam purchase history.
     CD key registration or gift purchases are not included in your purchase history.
13) Accounts blocked in VAC can not trade battleground items.
14) Changing the email address associated with your account will limit your transactions for 5 days.

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