What is a "limited user account"?

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If your game key is not on Steam
If the game key was a purchased CD key or a gift from another person,

To protect you from spam, phishing, and other exploits,
Restrict the use of key features such as adding friends, using Steam Marketplace by specifying it as a "limited user account".

The features that are restricted in the 'Restricted User Account' state are listed below.

[Steam 'Restricted User Accounts' Restrictions on Use]
1) Send a friend invitation
2) Open group chat
3) Greenlight, Steam evaluation and creative item
4) Join Steam Marketplace
5) Post frequently to Steam discussions
6) Steam profile level (profile level is fixed at 0) Raising and getting trading cards
7) Submit content to the Steam creative yard
8) Steam Raising Items in Creative Field Discussion
9) Accessing the Steam Web API
10) Using browser and mobile chat
11) Adding public artwork and screenshots
12) Creating a Steam Group

In the above case, if you meet the criteria for releasing the 'restricted user account'
Normal service is available.

We will guide you through the 'Restricted user account' release criteria.

[Steam 'Restricted user accounts' release criteria]
1) Add $ 5 or more to your Steam wallet
2) If the purchase price of the game is more than or equal to US $ 5 in the Steam store
3) Add $ 5 USD or more to your Steam account on the Steam Wallet card
4) Purchase a Steam gift for $ 5 USD or more in the Steam Store
(Steam gift from a friend is not applicable)
※ The sum of each steam purchase is tracked in US dollars. If your Steam Store call is not in USD,
It is automatically tracked and converted into US dollars using daily exchange rates.

For more information on Steam 'Restricted User Accounts'
Steam Customer Center Please check the 'Limited User Accounts' FAQ.


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