Cannot connect to the game

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If you are facing connection issues in the game, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Close the network- hogging programs:
You may see network lagging issues on your game if there are programs taking up a larger bandwidth of network resources on your computer. Check your computer and close the programs you don’t need and see if the network status of your game becomes normal.

2. Temporarily disable the firewall:
Firewall or antivirus software may cause interference to the network connection of your game. You can verify the same by temporarily disabling the firewall (refer to the firewall documentation for instructions on disabling it).

If this resolves your problem, you can add your game to the white list of your firewall. Please contact the vendor of the firewall and ask them for advice.

The connection issue can also happen if there are some new updates being pushed or if the game is undergoing any routine maintenance. Please keep an eye for these events on our social media platform, as game connection issues while updates\maintenance is normal. The game should behave normally once updates\maintenance is over. If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team with a detailed description (Time of occurrence, Troubleshooting steps performed, etc.) with a video or screenshot.

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