Game keeps crashing

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Sometimes, when you are playing PUBG, you might experience crashes. The causes of crashing are diverse: poor server performance, unstable network connection, low PC requirements, and so on.

In order to identify the reason of force closing/crashing and come up with a correct solution for your unique case, we would request you to contact PUBG Support and share [Dump file], created after game crashed.


Location of [Dump file]: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Crashes

To obtain Dump file, please do the following steps:

1. Open the Local Disc (C:)
2. Users > USERNAME
3. Select [Show hidden files] and move to AppData files.

※ Please note, that in order to view AppData you should select the option to 'Show hidden files'.

4. Local file → TslGame file → Open Saved files

5. Among 'Save files" you will find 'Crashes' file, which you will need to compress and then send over to PUBG Support.


How to share large files (e.g. Google Drive)

1. Go to [Google Drive] and log in. 
2. 'New' > Click on 'File upload' and then upload your 'Dump file'.
3. Right click on uploaded [Dump file] and select 'Get link'.
4. Insert that link into your ticket when contacting PUBG Support



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