When I start the game I see a Xenuine error message that says “Application is interrupted by external software.

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If you are seeing this message, please try the following steps:

- All Illegal programs or files must be removed prior to playing the game.

- Any programs that affect the game and/or its services must be removed.

- Malware and viruses on the system need to be cleaned up and removed.

- Make sure to remove any programs that can influence anti-virus/firewall programs and make sure that the game is listed as an exception.

- Assistance programs and graphic enhancement programs need to be turned off or uninstalled completely.

- Overclocking the GPU and system monitoring programs need to be turned off or removed

- Check the usage of your system’s memory and close down all programs before playing. (Increasing memory may be necessary if the problem persists)

- After trying a solution, make sure to restart the game and/or reinstall the game. Reboot the system after that.

- If the problem persists, a reinstall of the Windows operating system may be required.

Please note:

If you are playing in a PC room when the error shows up, please use a different PC.

If you reformat the Operating System (Windows) you must install a valid version of Windows to play. Illegal versions will not work with the game.

Please note that if you are using Windows 7, security updates are available but new features and services packs will not be available which can cause the error to show up.

If you are still having troubles, please submit a ticket to us under the following category:

Issue -> Error -> Xenuine

We also require a screen shot of the error message that you are seeing.

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