Chatbot - new support channel

Now players can contact PUBG Support using recently added Chatbot.
Chatbot was implemented to provide faster replies as well as a quicker resolution to the players.

[How to access Chatbot]
Go to PUBG Support > Click the speech bubble next to 'Contact Us'.

[Chatbot scope]
Currently, chatbot provides responses for five categories: Ban, Feedback & Suggestions, Installation & Launching, Reports and Hijacking.

[Main Chatbot functions]
1. Delivers predefined menu, from which users are required to make selections
2. Provides FAQ relevant to user's selection
3. If FAQ was not helpful gives a player more detailed response
4. Collects information (e.g. account info, issue details, etc.) and transfers it to an agent.

* Please note, that currently Chatbot doesn't respond to users' free-text messages.

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