Checking your system for overheating

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If your system is overheating, you can follow the steps mentioned to reduce the system temperature. Heat can slow down your PC and automatically shut it down (Thermal shutdown) leading to data loss or permanent damage of system components.

  • Check if the CPU fan is working or not
  • Avoid blocking the CPU cabinet vents. You should never place your PC on uneven surfaces as they tend to block the airflow from the vents, resultantly system overheating. Instead, always place the PC on a hard surface, so that the ventilation area never gets blocked
  • If you haven’t cleaned your PC in a while, then dirt is most probably the cause of the heating PC.
  • Reapply the thermal paste.Thermal paste is a highly conductive material that is applied between CPU/GPU and heatsinks. This paste ensures that the heat generated by the system is vented properly. If this material gets old, it will definitely affect the effectiveness of the PC cooling system.
  • Do not overclock\underclock your system CPU\GPU

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