What do all the graphic settings mean?

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There are 10 quality settings in total. 

1. Screen scale: Controls the sharpness of the game graphics. When it's too low, the items could show in a blurry image.
2. Anti-aliasing: Smooths the objects' graphics. It is recommended to turn this on. 

3. Post-Processing: Controls the amount of shadows.

4. Shadows: Controls the quality of shadows for characters and objects.

5. Texture: Controls the overall game graphic quality.

6. Effects: Controls the quality of various effects.

7. Foliage: Controls the quality of plants on the map.

8. View distance: Controls the visible distance.
                         The higher the clearer you can see objects in far distances.

9. Motion blur: An effect that leaves an afterimage according to the travelling speed. 

10. Vertical Synchronization: Forces frame sync. May cause frame drops when set on low performance machines. 

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