Frequently Asked Questions about Ranked Mode

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Q. What is Ranked Mode? 

A. In Ranked Mode, up to 64 seasoned opponents battle it out in squad-based combat to try and increase their Rank using a new competitive ruleset that puts more focus on loot and pacing. As you complete ranked matches, your Rank Points will rise and fall depending on your performance, which will move your Rank and Tier in turn.

Q. How can I play this new Ranked Mode? 

A. There are additional requirements for starting a match in the Ranked queue. All squad members must meet these requirements to begin matchmaking.

  • Players need to reach a minimal Survival Mastery level of 80 before they qualify for ranked.
  • Depending on their platform and region, players may need to verify their account using SMS before they are eligible for Ranked mode. If an SMS verified account is banned, the device connected to it will also be permanently blocked.
  • A squad cannot enter the queue if two players (who have completed placements) are too far apart in rank from each other (10 divisions maximum). However, this is not mandatory for the random squad. 

Q. I'd like to know more about Ranked Mode Ruleset.

A. Ranked Mode rulesets are as below. 

  •  Ranked mode games will be randomly played on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. 
  • Ranked mode will operate under its own game settings.
  • Unique Season 7 Ranked settings include:
    • Overall increase in item loot spawns
    • No M249, DBS, and Crossbow spawns
    • No Spike trap spawns
    • Red zone has been removed
    • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone has been adjusted to increase the pace of play
  • Exact settings are subject to adjustment throughout the season and especially at the start of new seasons.
  • Changes in the ranked mode rule set will be posted via announcement

Q. Are there any penalties? 

A. Players may cancel Ranked matchmaking at any time with no penalty. Players who find a match and load into the pregame lobby will face Ranked penalties if they then choose to abandon the match.

Players will receive penalties for actions such as repeatedly ‘dodging’ games after loading onto the island. They will need to wait out a matchmaking penalty timer before they can play ranked again.

Q. I'd like to know more about Tiers and how Climbing works. 

A. There are a total of 6 tiers in the Ranked system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master) with 5 Divisions (V – I) within each tier. A player’s current rank is determined by their Rank Points (RP) in a given queue. At the start of a Ranked season, players will be considered ‘Unranked’ in all queues. The first 5 games they play in each ranked queue will count as placement matches. At the end of the fifth placement match, players will be given an initial rank for the season.

After a player dies, they will receive an adjustment to their RP based on their performance. The metrics that determine performance are

    • Kills
    • Assists
    • Personal placement

Players who are at Diamond rank or above will begin to face RP ‘decay’ if they do not play any Ranked games for a week or more in a row

Q. Are there any rewards for Ranked Match? 

A. Yes, all players will receive a nameplate and emblem recognizing their tier. If the players ended the season at Gold or higher, they will receive a set of Ranked reward skins. Detailed information on rewards will be shared later! 


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