Custom Match - Esports Mode

Esports mode is one of the custom match types that can be created. 

Same with the other game modes, a minimum of 10 players is needed to start the game.


Please check the details below: 



1: Create Match

   1-1 : Esports Mode

      a : Basic Settings

      b : Rule Settings

      c : Spawn Settings


  • Create Match - Esports Mode
    • Set your custom match to Public or Private
    • You can select the basic preset option
    • The server will default to the current region

  • Esports Mode - Basic Settings
    • Enter a session name
    • Set the custom match to public or private
    • Select the server region
    • Game presets (currently not available but will be updated in the future)
    • Select map
    • Select perspective
    • Adjust player amount
    • Adjust amount of players per team
    • Select weather conditions

  • Esports Mode - Rule Settings
    • Down but not out settings
    • Revive time limit for downed teammates
    • Damage settings for downed players
    • Friendly fire damage settings
    • Blue zone circle speed settings
    • Specific adjustments for the blue circle (speed, location, display, etc.)
    • Red zone on/off settings
    • Care package frequency settings
    • Flare gun settings
    • Observer settings and killer spectating

  • Esports Mode - Spawn Settings
    • Adjust item spawn rate and the total spawn amount
    • Specific adjustments for ammunition, weapons, attachments, consumables, equipment, etc.
    • vehicle spawn settings
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