Custom match - Zombie Mode

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Zombie mode is one of the custom match types that can be created. Same with the other game modes, a minimum of 8 players is needed to start the game.

Please check the details below.



1: Create Match

1-1 : Zombie Mode

a : Basic Settings

b : Rule Settings


# Create Match - Zombie Mode

- Set your custom match to Public or Private

- You can select the basic preset option

- The server will default to the current region

# Zombie Mode - Basic Settings

- Set your custom match session to public or private

- Server is set to the player's region

- Select map and perspective

- Adjust amount of total players

- Adjust amount of human team members (the rest will be zombies)

- Select weather conditions

# Zombie Mode - Rule Settings

- Same rules as normal mode but you can set zombie to zombie damage

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